Radiofrequency ground pads carry return current from RF electrodes energized in a standard, monopolar configuration. Disposable and reusable version are available.

Disposable Radiofrequency Ground Pad (DGP-PM)

The DGP-PM  is a disposable dispersive electrode designed for use with the Cosman G4, RFG-1A, and RFG-1B generators.  Each ground pad is individually packed and comes with an integral cable for connection to the RF generator.  For single-use only.

Cordless Disposable RF Ground Pad (DGP-PMC)

The DGP-PMC is a disposable dispersive electrode that is connected to an RF generator using a reusable connection cable (CB105). Procedure costs are reduced because the cable can be reused. Each ground pad is individually packed. For single-use only.

Reusable Radiofrequency Ground Plate (GP-ND)

The GP-ND is an autoclavable dispersive electrode designed for reuse in multiple procedures.  The plate is made of stainless steel.  This avoid the “battery effect” that is sometime present when using disposable ground pads and that can produce a transient stimulative pulse when cable connections are made.  The autoclavable, touch-proof C103-B cable is used to connect the ground plate to the RF generator.